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TrueBrow™ Design | $99

Using the TrueBrow System, the underlying beauty & potential of your TrueBrow is found!

A complete brow makeover consisting of colour enhancement, waxing, trimming, tweezing and finished off with a touch of the TrueBrow Collection to achieve the perfect design.

TrueBrow™ Maintenance | $55

Maintenance appointments can vary from every 2 to 3 weeks and are crucial during the restoration process, anything after the determined timeframe and we begin to lose the design and more work is involved to recover it.

Maintenance appointments are not a redesign appointment, their purpose is to preserve your new design and keep your brows looking their best at all times.

*only for those who have had a design appointment with JT Makeup & Beauty

TrueBrow™ Extended Maintenance | $69

The extended maintenance is for those clients who have left a bit of time between their maintenance appointments.

If a re-design is required, the design price will be charged.

*only for those who have had a design appointment with JT Makeup & Beauty

TrueBrow™ Starter Kit | $280 

Everything you need to get started on your TrueBrow journey!
1 x TrueBrow Design

2 x TrueBrow Maintenance 

1 x TrueBrow Collection Kit in the colour of your choice

Teen Brows | $45

Brow shape for teens only. No tinting with this service. 

Brow Tint | $30

When all you need is a brow tint and nothing else!

All other TrueBrow services includes tint.

TrueBrow™ Collection Kit  | $89.95

The perfect kit to keep your brows looking on point all

the time. Whether it be during restoration or just to give

it a bit of extra definition.

Kit comes with TrueBrow Colour, Element & Brow Brush

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